Rapid antigen home tests to reduce school disruption

Rapid antigen home tests to reduce school disruption

29 October 2021

NSW Government is testing Rapid Antigen Home Testing (RAHT) kits to cut down on disruption at schools and reduce the time close contacts have to isolate themselves.

Education and Early Childhood Learning Minister Sarah Mitchell said a pilot program would start in Albury next week.

“I want to see disruption to our students’ education from COVID reduce, while still keeping schools safe places to learn. This requires us to deploy every tool available to balance the risk,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We will be trialling the tests in two ways: a broad surveillance approach, along with close contact testing to reduce initial positive cases on school sites and reduce the amount of time close contact students need to spend away from school.”

The surveillance method will see the kits distributed by schools for use at home by staff and students, who are asked to do a test twice a week as part of community surveillance.

More - https://education.nsw.gov.au/news/latest-news/rapid-antigen-home-tests-to-reduce-school-disruption